Talent Innovation Masterclass - An inclusive workplace for women talents and leaders

A 3 hour Masterclass by Cheryl Liew-Chng, Talent Innovation Strategist, CEO of Lifeworkz and Creator of The 24-Hour Woman
The Event
Any organization who wishes to thrive now and into the future need to build it's capability to leverage on the shifting demographics - particularly that of more women in the workplace and in leadership roles.

This masterclass is intended for leaders, HR directors, D&I directors, senior management team. Join this masterclass to learn how you can grow your female talent pipeline and help women in leadership roles to perform at their best, thus benefiting you as a leader and your organization as a whole.

In the first hour, you and your peers will learn the 3 phases of transitions needed; you will understand the context around why the timing and the order of these steps is critical and you will see multiple case-studies of how transitions are embraced by smart organizations leveraging on this trend. Subsequently, you will get more personalized content, allowing you to see the frameworks and methodologies that will allow you to apply the learning into your business with immediate effect.

What you will learn:
- What smart organizations are doing to leverage on the increasing number of women in the workplace
- The 3 phases of transition towards a more gender balance workplace
- What the missing links are and how they can be addressed.

What you will discover:
- How you can ride the wave of attracting, retaining and engaging the female talent
- How to systematically build a gender balance workplace and develop a leadership pipeline of female talents
- Identify the missing gaps and strategically provide solutions that work.

What others say of our Women Leadership and Gender Balance Programs
"Excellent presentation that reveals the five pillars that root our "24 hour women" and provide inspiration to the aspiring "24 hour" men! - Nigel Yeung, CEO Talent Trust
“I was at the HR Summit and found value in your sharing.” - Hwee Siong Lee, Senior Manager Human Resources at NKOM - Nakilat Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd
“Love your energy and passion. Would love for you to speak in our global event." - Paola Vezzaro, Head of HR Asia Pacific at EnGie

This session is usually priced at S$297. Tickets are complimentary for the first 5 first movers register. Note that full registration fees is payable for no show.

Pictures of Cheryl speaking at various platforms for gender balance organization, growing women leaders pipeline and empowering women to step up and play a bigger role.

Meet Cheryl at here.

www.LifeWorkz.asia or www.The24HourWoman.com

Wed Sep 30, 2015
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM SGT
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Centennial Tower
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3 Temasek Avenue Singapore
Sharon Wong